Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sony DSC-F828 loose lens turret - part 6

In this part, we will withdraw the flexible board ribbon and power cables from the lens turret swivel mechanism. This will allow us to separate the swivel mechanism from the camera body. We can then inspect the swivel mechanism and initiate the necessary repairs.

The three flexible board ribbon cables pass through the swivel mechanism. Note the clamp used inside the camera body to secure the three flexible boards, bolted down by 2 x 1.7mm screws (item 6) above must be removed before the ribbon cables can be withdrawn.
Step 1:

The silver screws either side of the ribbon cable must be undone. You will need the screwdriver extension to reach the one on the left. Use a tiny dot of petroleum jelly on the screwdriver tip to hold the screw while you lift it out (do the same later when you put it back)
Step 2:
Here we can see the ribbon cable clamp has been removed and the flexible cables have carefully been folded back over the camera body and out of the way.

Lift the ribbon cable clamp seat up, off the locating dowel and the two cast pillars that accept the clamp screws, and place safely to one side. Observe the detent spring mechanism on the inside left of the swivel mechanism. Warning! -  the flexible ribbon cables must be moved out of the way as described in Step 1 and 2. Failure to do so will result in the detent spring mounts damaging the flexible cables when the next step is attempted.

Step 3:
Remove the two retaining screws attaching the lens turret mechanism to the camera body. Next, with the cables safely out of the way, grasp the camera body in your left hand as shown and rotate the lens turret swivel mechanism out of its seat in the camera body. (Rotate the lens turret up, or clockwise in the view shown here). Carefully set the camera body to one side.

In the next part we will examine and repair the lens turret swivel mechanism.

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