Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sony DSC-F828 loose lens turret - part 8

With the lens turret swivel mount screws nicely tightened up and secured, we can now carefully retrace out steps. There key things to keep in mind when reassembling are screw tensions, don't miss out on any steps, or parts, look for pinched cables and cables that are not properly seated. Work you way backwards through steps 8 to 1 or if you are really confident you can just use this part which will get you back to power on:

Step 1:
Make sure you replace the swivel mount bearing washer and be careful with the grease and potential for contamination.

Step 2:
When you replace the retainer, make sure you have the dentent engaged in the slot otherwise entrapment will occur. Tighten the three retaining screws evenly and apply enough pressure to just prevent the swivel mount binding.

Step 3:
Reset the swivel mount and the plastic cable tie-down seat. Ensure the screws holding the lens turret swivel mount on the camera body are very tight.

Step 4:
Reseat the flexible cables and pass through the swivel mechanism without undue twisting or distortion. Screw the seating mechanism into place. Test the swivel can rotate about the flexible cables without undue rubbing, bending, twisting or abrasion.

Step 5:
Ensure the flexible cables are properly seated in their appropriate slots in the camera body. 

Step 6:
Pass the power cable through the lens turret swivel mechanism via the guide.

Step 7:
Present the camera back to the camera body as shown. Carefully inspect your work done so far looking especially for flexible cable that are not seated properly. Fit the camera back cables to their matching headers. Carefully close the camera back onto the camera body. Do not force anything. It should go into place easily. Carefully inspect for any flexible cables that may be pinched.
Step 8:
Apply all screws to the camera back. Tighten firmly with Lock Ace on each screw.

Step 9:

Plug the power cable in to the lens turret and route the cable via the plastic lugs as shown.

Step 10:
Ensure the tripod mounting bracket is attached.
Step 11:
Reattach the lens turret to the swivel mechanism. Again, make very sure these screws are tight and use Lock Ace or similar.
Step 12:
Reseat the three flexible cables. Make sure the ferrite is in place. Ensure the cables are slotted into the headers properly.

Step 13:
Restore the small connector cable to its position as shown.

Step 14:
Present the side cover to the lens turret assembly and connect the flexible cable.

Step 15:
After carefully checking the work done, and ensuring there will be no pinched cables, carefully screw into place the side cover.

Ensure there are no parts left over.

Fit the memory cards and battery into the camera and turn on. The camera should now spring back into life with no ill-effects and a rock steady lens turret mount. 

Thanks for reading through this. All constructive comments appreciated.

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