Thursday, December 13, 2012

A wireless printer port that keeps on changing

Lately I have been pestered by my wireless printer not printing. It seems to be something that has started to happen as I have added more wireless enabled devices to my network such as my tablet, mobile phone, iTouch, desktop, laptop, and ad hoc devices owned by family members come and go.

Invariably when I encounter this problem I find the printer port address is wrong. Although I have tried to fix it via my wireless router, it is only fixed while the printer server is turned on. Turn it off, and an ad hoc device will grab that port address. Turn it back on and the printer server will be on a different port. What a lot of buggery.

Well at this stage I can't find an easy fix for my Belkin Router so I can lock that port to the printer server permanently. In the mean time, here is the quick solution for getting the printer up an running again.

  1. Printing fails.
  2. Confirm the printer server and printer are turned on and status lights are OK.
  3. Open a browser window and log in to the wireless router, typically on
  4. Enter the security password and call up the DHCP Client list.
  5. Note the port number for the pinter server, typically
  6. Open the Windows Devices and Printers dialog from the Control Panel.
  7. Double click the printer.
  8. Double click 'See whats printing'.
  9. Cancel anything in the print queue.
  10. Double click 'Customize your printer'.
  11. Open the 'Ports' tab.
  12. Select the printer from the list.
  13. Select 'Configure port'.
  14. Change the printer IP address to agree with that in line 5 above.
  15. Click OK. (If it can't change the port because it is busy, then there is still something in the queue).
  16. Print a test page.
Occasionally it is necessary to re-install the print server. To do this, use the browser to log in to the printer port given in line 5. Run the add port program then repeat above steps.

Nifty Nev
Dec 2012.