Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sony DSC-F828 loose lens turret - part 5

Now we have the lens turret off the camera, its time to remove the swivel assembly so we can tighten up those loose screws. Here are the steps:

There may be subtle differences between your camera and the version described here. Note there are 8 x 2mm screws to be removed and two flexible board ribbon cables to disconnect before the back can come off.

Step 1:

Remove the two screws at the left hand end of the rear cabinet assembly.
Note one of the screws is partially hidden by the camera strap attachment point

Step 2:

Remove the two screws at the right hand end of the rear cabinet assembly.
Right hand end, rear cabinet assembly, lower screw

Step 3:

Remove the two screws on the bottom of the rear cabinet assembly.
Both screws are located near the battery access cover

Step 4:

Remove the single screw on the top of the rear cabinet assembly.
One screw in the top of the rear cabinet assembly

Step 5:

Remove the single screw on the top right hand end adjacent to the thumb wheel selector.
In this image you can see there are three screws in total. The one referred to in step 5 is lower left. The others are removed in step 2

Step 6:

Carefully withdraw the rear cabinet assembly housing away from the camera body. It should not require any force. If it appears to be hanging on at any one point, it is almost certain you have not removed a retaining screw.

Step 7:

With sufficient room, disconnect the two ribbon cables from their sockets on the boards at the camera body end. Note one header is a slot receptacle and the other is a miniature dual in line connector.
The rear cabinet assembly will come clear and leave enough room to access the two connecting flexible board cables.

Step 8:

With the rear cabinet assembly now separated, place it safety to one side.
The rear camera assembly is now separated. Note the differences between the two flexible cable connectors.

This now exposes the inside of the lens turret swivel mechanism. In part 6 we will show you how to withdraw the flexible board ribbon cables and power wires that pass through the swivel mechanism. It is extremely important that you complete part 6. DO NOT ATTEMPT to remove the swivel mechanism until the ribbon cables have been moved well out of the way

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