Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sony DSC-F828 loose lens turret - part 4

In Part 4 the challenge is to remove the lens turret assembly from the swivel mount.

Follow the numbered steps. The photos below will assist.

Step 1.
Remove the tapping screw holding the radiation shield in place.

The bright silver tapping screw holds the copper shield and three ribbon cables in place. Remove the screw.

Step 2.

Remove the tape and fold out the copper shields. The copper shields may have been glued down in the factory, but they will separate with a bit of gentle pressure.

Note the retaining strip holding the flexible cables in place. Do step 3 then the retaining strip can be be lifted off the dowel at the end near the bottom of the image, and drawn out from under the claw at the other end. Note the plastic dowel near the claw has broken off in this example

Step 3.

Carefully draw each of the three flexible board ribbons from the terminating headers on the lens turret board.

Note - some headers have a brown strip that may be lifted up and snapped back into position. This helps clamp the edge connector and aids in removing and positioning the connector. In this image you may notice the brown strip has been lifted up.

Step 4.

The retaining strip holds the three flexible board cables in place is now visible. This is located by two plastic dowels and has one end held down by a plastic claw. Carefully lift the retaining strip up off the dowel at the opposite end to the claw then draw it out from under the claw and off the other dowel.

Remove the flexible board ribbon cables from the retainer housing
Step 5.

Carefully lift the flexible board ribbon cables up and clear of the terminating board and retaining strip. Be very careful to not drop or loose the ferrite core which is attached to the flexible board at the bottom of the stack of three.

Step 6.

Remove the small flexible board strip connecting the lens turret board designated AJ-006 to the board behind the lens turret, on the camera body.

Disconnect AJ-006 at both ends and set safely to one side to avoid damage. Note it is only a small, 6 pin cable. It is located under the lens turret assembly, just near the tripod mounting block.

Step 7.

Undo the two retaining screws holding the lens turret in place on the camera body. These are located on the right hand side of the lens - one is near the ACC socket and the other is up near the pop up flash.

Here are the two lens turret retaining screws mentioned in Step 7

Step 8.

Carefully disconnect the two wire power cable from the lens turret assembly. The lens turret can now be set carefully to one side. Note the route used to keep the white wires in place where they will not be likely to abrade or be damaged by movement.

Firmly and gently withdraw the two wire plug from the lens turret and take the loom out of the routing clips. Watch out when you put the lens turret down. It can roll away - you don't want it falling on the floor!

Now we have the lens turret out of the way, we can now see the swivel assembly much more clearly. It may still not be possible to clearly see what is causing the looseness. We will look at that in part 5.

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  1. hi,
    i'm from brazil and i've been looking for a guide for how to replace the flex cable... i've bought one but i simpl don't know where the stock one is... could you give me a clue?