Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sony DSC-F828 loose lens turret - part 3

OK, so now we can get down to the disassembly.

Remember, the objective is to tighten up a loose lens turret. Because there can be multiple causes, you may not have to go all the way through this process. 

Step 1

Remove the camera lens cover, lens hood, carrying strap, battery and memory card or cards.

Step 2.

Remove the 6 x 2mm retaining screws on the cabinet side cover.  See diagram below, bottom right. Carefully lift off the cover. Disconnect the flexible board ribbon FP-751 from the SW-410 board which sits inside the cabinet cover.

Leave SW-410 attached to the inside of the cabinet cover. Disconnect the flexible board from its socket at the camera body end.
With the camera the right way up, remove the two screws either side of the OPEN (FLASH) decal
With the camera body upside down, remove the three screws on the bottom near the tripod mount. Notice one of the three target screws is missing in this image. 

With the camera the right way up, and with the back facing towards you, remove the one screw at the back end of the side cover.
Finally, carefully remove the flexible board from the socket on the camera body and set the cabinet side cover to one side.

Carefully inspect the four screws which retain the lens turret swivel mechanism in the camera body. It may be possible that one or more of these have come loose. Note, only three retaining screws will be visible. To gain access to the fourth screw, you will need to carefully rotate the lens turret about the camera body to reveal it via an access detent as shown above.

If tightening these screws cures the loose lens turret problem then simply apply some 'Locktite' to the screws, and nip them down nice and tight. Reverse the disassembly taking special care to ensure the ribbon cable is slotted back in to position properly and that it is not pinched when the side assembly is screwed down.

Otherwise, the loose turret will be caused by a problem with the swivel mechanism. You will now have to move on to Part 4 and further disassembly.


  1. I broke FP-751. Do you know where can I buy new one ?
    Thank you

  2. Neville:

    I want to thank you so very much for posting this How I Did That on the Sony camera. I only had to follow the it to part 3 to repair my camera. It was well presented and complete. My camera is back in working order, thanX to your blog. Bill Williams Mount Clemens, MI USA

  3. This is one of those "solid gold" finds on the internet. Can't thank you enough for this. Unfortunately I am at step 3 and will be proceeding to 4 lol. Byron Wiese, Cedar Rapids IA USA

  4. I acquired one of these Sony DSC-f828s a while ago and had the loose hinge issue. I pulled this camera out of the drawer and decided to try to fix that problem. I opened up the side of the hinge like in the last picture of part 3 here. I tightened the four screws in the housing as suggested in this step. They were loose, but it did not fix the problem. So not wanting to go any further with disassembly, I noticed there were four screw backs protruding from the hinge metal surround. You can just make out one in the upper right corner of the last picture in this part 3. Using my Leatherman Skeletool needle-nose pliers with its teeth set at perpendicular to the exposed threads of the screws, clamping down tight on each, and twisting them counterclockwise to tighten them, I was able to tighten three of the four screw backs. And it now works with no play in the hinge!